• What is EZchat?
    EZchat is an integrated marketing and customer service system that is easy to use to connect online businesses with their customers.
  • Can I apply for a free trial?
    EZchat is now offering a 10-day trial with exclusive system features accessible, you are welcome to apply for a trial account immediately.
  • Do businesses need to hire more customer service operators to run EZchat?
    Absolutely no need. Once you have stalled EZchat, you and your service operators can also download the app version and connect with your customers anywhere in the world.
  • Does a trial account include the access to EZchat app version?
    Yes. You will also be given a free trial of 10 days to use the EZchat app version. Once you've applied for a trail account you can download the app in Google App Store or on Apple Play Store under the name "易利通".
  • What is the difference between a business account and a customer service account?
    a business account is where you manage the entire back end system, it also allows you and other service staff to each creates individual customer service accounts.
  • Does it require the operators to always to be on duty monitoring the system?
    No need. There will be instant notifications with sound alerts to notify the operators that there are customers online.
  • I need 24 hours on line?
    EZchat system will automatically display as offline when the service operators are not available. Visitors can still leave messages and operators can respond effectively when they are back online.
  • How will the operators interact with customers when they are out of office?
    By downloading our app each operator will receive every push notifications and won't miss messages or calls.
  • Can a trial business account ask for Ezchat's assistance?
    Yes, trial accounts have the same access to Ezchat's services and assistance like any other accounts.
  • Can an operator initiate in multiple conversations with customers?
    Yes. Operators can reply and answer to different customers simultaneously.
  • Can business accounts prevent prank calls or spam messages?
    Yes. You can prevent spam and prank calls by blocking unwanted visitors' IP address.
  • Can I customise the stickers and logos on EZchat?
    Yes, you can contact EZchat's staff to customize stickers and logo.
  • Do I need a specific server to run EZchat?
    You don't need a specific server, EZchat will provide one for you.
  • Does it require a specific software or hardware to access EZchat?
  • Which browser do I need to use to access EZchat?
    Microsoft Edge 、Internet Explorer、CHROME are all accessible.
  • are there any features that trial accounts cannot access?
    Yes. There are a few features that trial accounts can not use. But sending messages, pictures, documents and voice recordings can all be used normally.
  • Can one EZchat business account be used on different or multiple websites?
  • Will I be bothered by sales agents when the free trail is over?
    No. We won't bother you if you do not wish to purchase the official system right away.
  • why is EZchat cheaper than other customer service systems?
    EZchat integrated marketing and customer service system is developed and designed by our professional team in Taiwan, which saved a huge cost in purchasing programs or distribution. We decided to let our clients enjoy the benefit of reasonable fees.
  • Is there an extra charge for establishing different service departments in the system?
    No. A business account does not limit have many departments you wish to set up within the system.
  • Do I need to purchase any points or coins for notifications to be sent to me?
    No. As long as you download our app, with working wifi, you shall receive any messages and calls from your customers.